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About us

Design of Norway was founded in 1992 and converted to Design of Norway AS (Ltd) in 2016. Design of Norway AS is a family company run by Anna and Kjell Erik Strøm.

 Our products and designs are, among other things, inspired by Norwegian design, Scandinavian nature, folk art, and Scandinavian porcelain from the ‘60s and ‘70s. 

Our first collection was "Snill Pike?" cups, an old tradition in Norway, but with a new twist. “Snill Pike” can be translated to “Nice Girl” Modern women can decide; who am I today. Nice girls may go to paradise, but mean girls go where they want. That's why we have created both Snill Pike, Snill Pike? and Slem Pike with different motifs - everything in its time. 

The Fabelskog ® series was first presented in 2017 at the Oslo Design Fair.

 The inspiration for Fabelskog came from several sources; 60s retro design, forest and nature, folk art, and old traditional ornaments with a new twist and modern coloring.

 Fabelskog is not just a design series, it is also a story about funny and exciting animals who live in a fantasy forest in Norway, a country near the North Pole. The drawings contain many small details that are worth studying. 

The motifs can currently be found on home textiles such as kitchen towels and table runners, and breakfast service with cups, plates, and bowls, while some animals are only found on cups.

 Matilde the cow is also available as a cream jug in a very limited series. Famous animals that we now live in Fabelskog are; Kind Fox, Shy Deer, Fussy Squirrel, Lazy Roosters, Smart Bears Wild Sheep, A Singing Cow called Matilde, and Dancing Birds. 

Some other animals also live there and will be added to the collection eventually. Follow along, maybe the animals will come to a forest near you. 

Anna Strøm design for Design of Norway. Norwegian and Scandinavian design with inspiration from East and West.