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Bowl "Dancing Birds"Fabelskog

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Designer modern retro porcelain series in Scandinavian style, design Anna Strøm

Ø 14 cm

0,6 l

Bone china porcelain

Kraft carton gift pack

This motive is also available as mug and plate.

From design of Norway AS

,,Fabelskog ,, retro series, a hand-drawn design by Anna Strøm

Kind Fox, Sly Deer, Dancing Birds and Rustling Trees are all in Fabelskog. Mystic flowers surround our retro animals.

Relating to past memories of a heady retro time, swinging through and enveloping the mystic forest.

Now the series consists of 4 different motives with cups, bowls and plates of each motif. Perfect for breakfast so you can start every day with a smile. The bowls are great for soup, candy, salads, etc.

Microwavable, dishwasher-friend and oven safe. Delivered in gift-wrapping made of carton.