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Mug "Singing Cow " Fabelskog series

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Designer modern retro porcelain series in Scandinavian style, design Anna Strøm

A singing and kind cow called Matilde. She has moved to Fabelskog and likes to sing, preferable stanzas from Figaro's wedding.

Ø - 9,5 cm

H-9 cm


Bone china porcelain

Kraft carton gift pack

This motive is also available as plate and bowl.

From  design of Norway AS

,, Fabelskog ,, retro series, a hand-drawn design by Anna Strøm

Kind fox, sly deer, dancing birds and rustling trees are all in this fabled forest. Mystic flowers surround our retro animals.

Relating to past memories of the heady retro time, swinging through and enveloping the mystic forest.

Now the series consists of 4 different motives with cups, bowls and plates of each motif. Perfect for breakfast so you can start every day with a smile. The bowls are great for soup, candy, salads, etc.

Norwegian design