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Spun Cotton Ornament, Hippopo#91

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Handmade Spun cotton ornament by Anna Strøm.

For several years, Anna has made a small series of handmade Spun cotton ornaments that go very well with Christmas decorations.

Spun Cotton ornaments - This is an old craft technique that has been used for over 100 years.

Cotton is wound on thread, shaped and glued, then painted and decorated with beads, lace and fabric.

and a collector's item.

Even the box for Christmas decorations is handmade.

On the back of each figure, you can find a number, that refers to our catalogue, so you can order exactly the figure you see.

Spun cotton ornaments will make an ideal gift for craft lovers and anyone who appreciates unique and beautiful things or to decorate your own Christmas tree!

A unique product that will create a magical atmosphere for you and your loved ones, and which can be treasured and preserved for many years.

- Handmade: Every detail of Spun cotton ornament is made by hand with love and care, making each figure unique and different.

- Environmentally friendly production: we care about the environment, so we use natural and environmentally friendly materials and redesigned textiles

H. 12cm

made in Norway

Anna puts love and craftsmanship into every detail and figure, so it truly becomes both a work of art .