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Book "The Flying Fox from Fabelskog"

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Great book with a strange story about a kind fox who lives in Fabelskog!

Author: Kjell Erik Strøm

Illustrator: Anna Strøm

An exciting adventure for young and old in an artistic edition with illustrations by Anna Strøm.

Perfect as a gift, or just for yourself.

Fabelskog is a kind of allegory of a place in Norway on steroids. There lives the fox Bjarne who is best friends with the Beagle Hugo.

Hugo previously played drums in the not-so-well-known band

"The Beagles" and has his own hot-air balloon.

Bjarne is in love with a squirrel called Anne, she may not be that tough, but very brave.

Mathilde the cow likes to sing opera.

The wolves Wyatt and Bill are lovers with two sheep who live in Fabelskog and they have seen a little too many movies.

There are several allegories in the book that hint at both history and old films.

The book contains some information which is perhaps unnecessary for most people to know, but which can be fun for children of all ages to remember anyway.

And not least some philosophical thoughts that the friends talk to each other about.

FABELSKOG is a mysterious forest located at the top of our planet.

Well, not quite at the top, but pretty far up anyway.

There lives the fox Bjarne, a brave and kind fox full of adventure, imagination and courage.

Together with the beagle Hugo Bagle and other friends, he builds a spaceship to travel into space and maybe meet his hero.

Warning! The book has not been checked out by sensitivity readers and a proper proofreader costs a lot of money. Read at your own risk, buy a proofing pen

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein

"Dreams are more important than rules" Hugo Bagle

Product details "The flying fox from Fable Forest"

ISBN: 978-82-693220-0-2

Published: August 2023

Edition: 1st edition

Publisher: Fabelskog Forlag

Weight: 485 grams

Height: 250 mm

Width: 175 mm

Age level: 5 - 120

Language: Norwegian Bokmål

Format: Hardcover

Number of pages: 120

Author: Kjell Erik Strøm

Illustrator: Anna Strøm

Hardcover / 2023 / Bokmål