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4 cups "Snill Pike" Collection

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Offer on all 4 different designs from "Snill Pike" Collection.:

"Snill Pike" - "Good girl"

" Slem Pike "- "Naughty Girl" - 2 different ones

" Snill Pike ?" - " Good girl?"

"Snill Pike" cup is an old traditional gift for girls that now comes in a new and updated design, different cups for nice girls and more rebellious girls.

All girls will no longer be "Good", so choose a cup that suits you or someone you want to give as a gift.

Idea and design: Anna Strøm/ design of Norway AS, Skotterud

We have made 4 different mugs with 3 different "statements", dishwasher and microwave safe. More girls are coming so feel free to buy them today if you want to collect them all.

Great-grandmother got the Good Girl cup, grandmother got Good Girl cup, and mother got the Good Girl cup. They were kind……

species. 2014- 03

Ø - 9 cm


Bone china porcelain

Kraft cardboard gift packaging

From  design of Norway AS

Norwegian design